WIRTGEN cutting tools for cold milling machines

Cutting tools

Genuine WIRTGEN cutting tools are an essential part of your machine. As the market leader in this technology, we offer you perfectly coordinated, high-performance cutting systems. To ensure that this remains so in the future, we continuously revise and upgrade all our components.

WIRTGEN cutting tools impress their users with highest productivity levels, maximum service life and low operating costs.


GENERATION round-shank picks are distinguished by unique product properties that significantly reduce operating costs. Pick centring is improved and rotation behaviour is demonstrably optimised by an optimised wear plate with a special groove profile. This assures long-term cutting capability and guarantees best possible carbide utilisation. The groove profile also reduces lengthwise wear of the round-shank pick holder and extends service life by up to 25%.

Optimised carbide distribution
Solid steel body geometry
Reinforced wear plate with optimised geometry
Unique groove profile with innovative centring function
Field-proven WIRTGEN clamping sleeve

Round-shank picks with cap-shaped carbide tips

Round-shank picks with cylindrical carbide tips

Development of the toolholder centring profile over time

GENERATION : Carbide as a cutting material is the most economical solution, especially for milling non-homogeneous materials in which sudden impact load peaks can be expected. The universal GENERATION carbide round-shank picks are therefore the ideal solution for all applications – no matter whether the milling job involves soft asphalt, hard asphalt or concrete.

Lengthwise wear of the toolholder

Practical colour-coding

Recommended uses

GENERATION : The multi-talented round-shank picks

The practical GENERATION colour coding system makes choosing the right pick for the job even faster. The various carbide sizes are coded with different colours (e.g. W1-10-G ... = black, W6 ... = orange etc.). The letter G (for ‘Groove’) displayed on the pick icon enables immediate identification of picks with an extractor groove.

PCD milling tools


Thanks to the tool geometry and materials, PCD milling tools are the perfect choice for applications from surface course rehabilitation to (micro) fine milling. They have a highly wear-resistant tool tip made of poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) with an extremely long service life. The only slight incidence of lengthwise wear leads to extreme evenness of the milled surface and a constantly high machine advance rate. Depending on your application, PKD milling tools might be a practical supplement to your existing programme of round-shank picks with conventional carbide tips.

PCD milling tools:

As a cutting material, poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) is the ideal solution for milling homogeneous asphalt packages in which no abrupt impact load peaks are to be expected. In particular, PCD milling tools are a cost-effective alternative for surface course rehabilitation to depths of up to 8 cm and in the area of (micro) fine milling of asphalt surfaces.

Persuasive arguments
  • Consistent milling pattern due to significantly reduced lengthwise wear
  • Greater machine productivity thanks to no longer necessary or fewer tool changes and constantly high machine advance rate
  • Lower operating costs as a result of lower maintenance overheads
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  • Extremely wear-resistant PCD tip
    • The considerably reduced lengthwise wear of the PCD tip results in a consistent, even milling pattern throughout the tool's entire service life.
  • High tool tip resilience
    • So-called interlayers dampen impacts arising between the carbide carrier and the exceptionally wear-resistant poly-crystalline diamond contact surface during penetration and guarantee the high resilience of the PCD tip.
  • Large carbide substrate volume
    • The volume of the carbide substrate that acts as the base of the PCD tip is particularly large. This assures greater wear resistance and optimal utilisation of the poly-crystalline diamond tip.
  • Solid chip-breaking web
    • The solid chip breaking web, which provides considerably longer protection of the carbide base of the PCD tip against washouts, extends the potential service life of the tool.
  • Reliable HT22 interface
    • The reliable HT22 interface guarantees low-maintenance and reliable utilisation of WIRTGEN PCD milling tools.

PCD performance rating

Schematic representation
of a PCD tip
HT22 quick-change toolholder systems
  • More wear volume in the shoulder area ensures better protection of the bottom part of the toolholder when milling in abrasive materials for longer periods of time.*
  • Long service life of top part due to an extremely high wear distance.
  • Optimised shank geometry (larger transition radii) and further improved heat treatment allow maximum loading.*
  • In combination GENERATION round-shank picks, the innovative centring recess in the pick contact surface assures maximum toolholder utilisation rates from the start (see the graphic below).*
  • Lower maintenance effort due to longer torque inspection intervals for toolholder system screws (every 500 hours).
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Persuasive benefits
  • Excellent value for money, thanks to ideally matched system components. The centring recess in the top part of the HT22 PLUS stabilises the GENERATION round-shank pick in the optimal position and supports the pick’s rotation.
  • Improved operational reliability of the top parts of toolholders due to a revised toolholder shank geometry and optimised heat treatment. This enables them to absorb enormous loads.
  • Maximised service life, attributable to the greater wear volume on the shoulders of the top part of the toolholder, ensures high machine utilisation rates. This modification helps to assure the best possible protection of the bottom part.
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*Available only with the HT22 PLUS top part

Recommended uses