WIRTGEN cutting tools for cold milling machines

Cutting tools

Genuine cutting tools from WIRTGEN are an essential part of your machine. As the market leader in this technology, we offer you perfectly coordinated, high-performance cutting systems. To ensure that this remains so in the future, we continuously revise and upgrade all our components.

WIRTGEN cutting tools impress their users with highest productivity levels, maximum service life and low operating costs.

Round-shank picks


The GENERATION round-shank picks are distinguished by unique product properties that above all significantly reduce operating costs.


GENERATION round-shank picks are specially designed for milling concrete and asphalt with ECO Cutter milling drums.

Milling tools

PCD milling tools

Thanks to the tool geometry and materials, PCD milling tools are the perfect choice for applications from surface course rehabilitation to (micro) fine milling.

Toolholder systems


A high degree of operational reliability and extremely wear-resistant cutting tools play a critical role in ensuring precise and productive milling. The robust WIRTGEN toolholder systems are fitted with cutting tools that can be replaced quickly and easily on the construction site.

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