Regular maintenance of the material hopper and the conveyors is an everyday task that is essential for ensuring that the road paver can deliver perfect paving results. In the following, we provide a range of tips for the checks and inspections you can perform.

Push-rollers / push-bar

Blocked push-rollers hinder the pushing of the tipper truck when transferring the paving mix to the paver.

It is therefore advisable to regularly check

  • whether the push-rollers are turning smoothly
  • and that the push-bar is free to swing.

Blocked push-rollers

  • Warm up the mix residues a little to make them pliable and easier to remove. Take care not to overheat the bearings! (picture at bottom left)
  • Remove the warmed material with a hand scraper (picture at bottom right). Remove the material lodged behind the push-bar.

Inlet flap and hopper front (sides)

  • Remove all mix residues on and under the inlet flap and the hopper fronts at the sides after each paving job.
  • Check the inlet flap and the hopper fronts at the sides for freedom of movement and bent or twisted parts.
  • Check the hydraulic cylinder for accumulated dirt and leakage.

Worn hopper wall rubbers

Bent hopper front (side)

Hopper wings

  • Clean the hopper wings after every job.
  • Carry out a functional check on the action and function of the hopper wings and the adjacent hydraulic cylinder.
  • Regularly check for correct setting of the scraper plate (tight closure)

Conveyor return rollers

  • Clean after every job.
  • Check the following parts for wear: Floor plates, conveyor covers and conveyor chains.
  • Check the tension of the conveyor chains and adjust if necessary. Incorrectly tensioned conveyor chains can lead to excessive wear!

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