Rubber buffer

Rubber buffers suppress vibrations transferred from the tyres or drums to the machine and ensure that the machine operator is undisturbed and able to concentrate on his work. This applies to both vibrating and oscillating drums. The rubber buffers are the most important suspension components of the drums. The hardness and form of rubber buffers for HAMM rollers are ideally matched to the respective roller types.

The optimal choice of the grade of hardness ensures that compaction force is transmitted to the ground with maximum effect. Incorrectly dimensioned rubber buffers can significantly reduce compaction performance.

If the wrong buffers are fitted, unsuppressed vibration and oscillation forces are transmitted directly to the entire machine. This can lead to damage of mechanical and electronic components, excessive and potentially harmful stress for the operator and negative effects on compaction quality.

Damage to rubber buffers and preventive maintenance

The rubber buffers should be checked for cracks and deformation in the course of every scheduled maintenance inspection.

Always replace damaged or defective rubber buffers in good time. This can significantly extend the service life of the other buffers, as a defective buffer can cause the unnecessary transfer of loading stresses to its remaining intact counterparts.

The service life of buffers depends to a great extent on where and for what tasks the machine is deployed. Continuous jump operation in the course of extremely demanding earthworks is a typical cause of premature wear on damping components.

Always use the machine under consideration of its operating weight and the scheduled task.

Example of wear:

Intact rubber buffer

Split rubber buffer

HAMM rubber buffers

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