In daily construction site operations, using genuine HAMM scrapers keep the surfaces of drums and tyres clean and guarantees best paving and surface quality. The scrapers prevent dust and asphalt from adhering to the drum and tyres. The scraper materials optimised by HAMM are wear-resistant and ensure minimal operating costs.

Scrapers for pneumatic tyre rollers

Brushes are used as standard scrapers on pneumatic tyre rollers. If the machines are rolling on particularly adherent material, plastic scrapers adapted to the form of the tyres are used.

Plastic scrapers/plastic brushes for asphalt rollers

Flexible and durable scrapers made from plastics especially formulated for use on asphalt are used on asphalt rollers. The properties of the materials used in the production of HAMM scrapers are selected to ensure that optimal water distribution and perfect cleaning of the drum surfaces are simultaneously guaranteed. One consequence of this is considerably lower water consumption.

Scraper wear

Worn scrapers should be replaced as soon as the surfaces of the drums or tyres are no longer reliably cleaned. Particularly in the case of asphalt machines, utmost cleanliness must be consistently maintained to extend the service life of scrapers. Removal all material residues adhering to scrapers at regular intervals to ensure faultless functioning of the scraper system. Bent scraper holders are often the cause of improper cleaning of drums and tyres. In the course of daily inspections, always check for damage to the scraper mounting components.

Examples of wear:

Intact scraper

Worn scraper on a smooth drum

Intact scraper

Tyre damage caused by a worn scraper

HAMM scrapers

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