Undercarriage wheel drive

There are several tyre types that differ in the way they look and the purposes for which they are used.

Tyres for compactors

Diamond tread tyres
  • Minimal tyre tracks
  • Less damage to the ground surface
  • Good traction for the majority of working scenarios
  • Poor traction on materials that rapidly damage tyre treads, e.g. abrasive materials
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EM-tread tyres
  • Good traction, above all on cohesive materials
  • Better self-cleaning
  • Distinct tyre tracks
  • Please note: tyres with a directional tread must be mounted correctly, mount in the recommended direction for best performance
  • Special heavy-duty tyres for the VC variant when used for rock crushing: extremely robust and resilient, resistant to sharp-edged materials
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Tractor tyres
  • Resistant to sharp-edged materials
  • Good rolling characteristics on hard and abrasive substrates
  • Increased durability
  • Poorer traction (above all on cohesive materials)
  • Non-directional tread
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Suitable for use on tandem and pneumatic tyre rollers

Smooth tyres
  • Smooth tyres for asphalt construction deliver the best compaction results
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