Undercarriage crawler drive

WIRTGEN crawler units are designed to safely TRANSLATED the drive system power into forceful forward motion for the milling process, even in the tough conditions found day to day on the construction site.

The shape and dimensions of all the parts have been precisely tailored to the chain for reliable power transmission and high-precision tracking. The materials used guarantee a long service life and a high degree of functional reliability.

Crawler unit components

Crawler unit components in general

Crawler units and, in particular, their moving parts, are subject to constant stresses during use.

Drive sprockets

On all WIRTGEN tracked machines, the drive unit is friction-locked to the drive sprocket. This ensures that the engine power is efficiently and effectively transmitted to the track chains, where it is transformed into high-traction forward motion.

Track pad systems

The term track pad include the base plate and the actual pad. The term base plate describes the steel plate that is connected to the track chain. The pads – polyurethane plates – are bolted to the base plates and ensure the necessary traction.

Track chains

Track chains consist of chain link segments, which are connected to each other by bushes and pins. The drive sprockets drive the track chains, which in turn advance the machine in the desired direction of travel.

Chain slide bars

The use of chain slide bars due to lack of room for track carrier rollers in the compact units of WIRTGEN cold milling machines. Chain slide bars are manufactured from a self-lubricating polyamide polymer that contributes to their friction reducing properties.

Track rollers

The track rollers of tracked machines (e.g.: excavators, road milling machines, etc.) bear the full weight of the machine. They are designed and constructed to bear the full weight of the machine in standard operating procedures.


During travel, the tension of the track chain is maintained by a spring-, grease- or hydraulically-tensioned cylinder located above the idler and the idler guide.

WIRTGEN tracked undercarriages

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