Chain slide bars

  • The use of chain slide bars due to lack of room for track carrier rollers in the compact units of WIRTGEN cold milling machines.
  • Plastic chain slide bars to prevent track chains from coming into contact with the undercarriage frame.
  • They prevent friction between the track chain and the steel frame and simultaneously increase the service life of chains and prevent damage to the undercarriage frame.
  • Chain slide bars are manufactured from a self-lubricating polyamide polymer that contributes to their friction reducing properties.
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Wear on chain slide bars

A worn chain slide bar is no longer able to protect the track chain or the undercarriage frame against wear. This part should also be checked for wear whenever a track chain is replaced, and if necessary, changed at the same time. This avoids the time-consuming and costly extra removal of the track chain just to exchange a no longer functional chain slide bar before reaching the actual replacement point.

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