The WIRTGEN Pick Finder

The WIRTGEN Pick Finder

The WIRTGEN Pick Finder helps you ensure the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your cold milling, soil stabilisation and cold recycling applications.

Genuine cutting tools from WIRTGEN are an essential part of your machine. As the market leader in this technology, we offer you perfectly coordinated, high-performance cutting systems.

The choice of the ideal cutting tools has an enormous influence on the productivity and operating costs of your road milling machines, cold recyclers and soil stabilisers. Our innovative Pick Finder contains our application-relevant know-how and helps you to find the ideal cutting tool for your specific application with the help of five simple questions.

Selecting all filters generates a relative comparison of the possible pick types. Relevant pick properties are directly comparable and make it easy to choose exactly the right pick for your application. The products are sorted according to our recommendations for specific uses, i.e. the cutting tool most frequently recommended by us is ranked highest in the list.
The WIRTGEN Pick Finder

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Genuine cutting tools from WIRTGEN: order and buy round-shank picks and alternative cutting tools online.

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