Maintenance parts: Filter sets, maintenance packages, and lubricants


All machines have numerous moving parts, all of which are designed to fulfil a specific purpose. To reduce natural wear on the individual parts, various lubricants are used with different specifications and manufacturer approvals. For a clearer overview, you will find detailed information about the wide range of WIRTGEN GROUP lubricants on the following pages.


WIRTGEN GROUP machines work on construction sites, which are, let’s face it, really dirty places. So high levels of contamination with dirt and dust can never be completely ruled out. Contamination that can lead to wear in lubrication systems. Appropriately designed filters ensure that particles of dust and dirt are filtered out and that machines can work exactly as they should. On the following pages, we present the filter types you will need for a whole range of applications.

Servicing is an essential factor in the working life of your machine
Filter sets and maintenance packages

If service or maintenance is due, you want it to be over and done with as quickly as possible. In day-to-day work, it is often not feasible to spend valuable time getting everything ready for an important service or maintenance appointment. So speed and efficiency is essential. This is why the WIRTGEN GROUP offers filter sets containing all the service-relevant filters you need. You can order everything you require for your machines for a particular service or maintenance appointment with just a couple of clicks.

Our filter systems, all of which are designed to be perfectly compatible with our lubricants and operating materials, ensure the necessary cleanliness of your machine’s systems and prevent damage to components.

Particularly practical: If you would like to have all the necessary lubricants and oils for your machine type along with the filters, simply order the appropriate comprehensive maintenance package. These contain a collection of all relevant filters, lubricants, and oils required for the service intervals of the respective machine type.

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