PCD milling tools


Thanks to the tool geometry and materials, PCD milling tools are the perfect choice for applications from surface course rehabilitation to (micro) fine milling. They have a highly wear-resistant tool tip made of poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) with an extremely long service life. The only slight incidence of lengthwise wear leads to extreme evenness of the milled surface and a constantly high machine advance rate. Depending on your application, PKD milling tools might be a practical supplement to your existing programme of round-shank picks with conventional carbide tips.

PCD milling tools:

As a cutting material, poly-crystalline diamond (PCD) is the ideal solution for milling homogeneous asphalt packages in which no abrupt impact load peaks are to be expected. In particular, PCD milling tools are a cost-effective alternative for surface course rehabilitation to depths of up to 8 cm and in the area of (micro) fine milling of asphalt surfaces.

Persuasive arguments
  • Consistent milling pattern due to significantly reduced lengthwise wear
  • Greater machine productivity thanks to no longer necessary or fewer tool changes and constantly high machine advance rate
  • Lower operating costs as a result of lower maintenance overheads
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  • Extremely wear-resistant PCD tip
    • The considerably reduced lengthwise wear of the PCD tip results in a consistent, even milling pattern throughout the tool's entire service life.
  • High tool tip resilience
    • So-called interlayers dampen impacts arising between the carbide carrier and the exceptionally wear-resistant poly-crystalline diamond contact surface during penetration and guarantee the high resilience of the PCD tip.
  • Large carbide substrate volume
    • The volume of the carbide substrate that acts as the base of the PCD tip is particularly large. This assures greater wear resistance and optimal utilisation of the poly-crystalline diamond tip.
  • Solid chip-breaking web
    • The solid chip breaking web, which provides considerably longer protection of the carbide base of the PCD tip against washouts, extends the potential service life of the tool.
  • Reliable HT22 interface
    • The reliable HT22 interface guarantees low-maintenance and reliable utilisation of WIRTGEN PCD milling tools.

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Schematic representation
of a PCD tip
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