track pad systems

Track pad systems - the choice is yours!

WIRTGEN offers different types of track pads so that you, as the customer, can select your preferred bolting type.
Regardless of your choice, all WIRTGEN track pads provide reliable traction on a wide variety of surfaces and also prevent possible damage to the asphalt pavement. You can never go wrong with track pads from WIRTGEN.

Poly Grip track pads

Our genuine WIRTGEN Poly Grip track pads have always guaranteed reliable traction on a wide range of surfaces:

  • A special polyurethane compound assures particular stability. This guarantees long service life, even under high localised stresses.
  • High polyurethane volume ensures extremely long life.
  • Track pads deliver high resistance to wear and tear. The angled treads of the track pads are particularly impressive when driving over kerbs or milled edges.
  • Tempered steel plates made from special boron steel guarantee high flexural strength.
  • Tight and reliable bolt fit is achieved by high-strength track pad bolts with a fine thread
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EPS PLUS track pads

The innovation of the genuine WIRTGEN track pad product family is the Easy Pad System (EPS PLUS):

  • Pad changing independent from the baseplate.
  • 20% more wear volume compared to Poly Grip track pads ensures longer service life.
  • The optimised tread design provides protection for kerbs and excellent running characteristics.
  • A specially formulated polyurethane compound ensures extremely high tensile strength.
  • A strong connection is assured by the metal-to-metal contact of the threaded steel inserts and the steel plates.
  • Both variants enable uncomplicated mounting.
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