Lifter plates | Dryer and recycling drums

The dryer drums are the key components in the asphalt production process, both for the white mineral and the RAP material. They remove moisture from the raw material and perfectly prepare the material for the processing temperature.

The drums are available in different lengths, diameters and with different built-in materials depending on the system design and the drying matrix (based on the burner, dryer drum, and dust collection).

Influencing parameters such as the plant location, type of rock, material moisture, material temperature and fuel type determine whether lifter plates are used.

Dryer drums are compact, robust and easy to maintain. Made by Benninghoven.

Lifter plate highlights

Outstanding material quality with maximum flexibility
First-class drying
Continuous temperature optimisation
Built-in fire protection
Easy to replace

Technical specifications of the dryer drum

  • Different drum sizes from 8 to 12 metres
  • Inside diameter from 2 to 3 metres in various increments
  • Appropriate material moisture of 3%, 4%, 5%
  • Appropriate compliance of TA-Luft (German technical instructions on air quality control)
  • Temperature-resistant internal components (coal dust, mastic asphalt, recycling)
  • Frequency converter control (infinitely variable drive for materials with widely varying moisture content)
  • Wear material/internal components
  • Stainless steel or aluminium covering
  • Air or mineral wool insulation
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