Undercarriage crawler drive

VÖGELE pavers are real powerhouses. Only a high-performance track unit comes into question to translate that much power into the best possible traction. But not all undercarriages are the same – different materials are used, different dimensions are required and a different number of components are fitted. For this reason, all the components are selected to ensure that the machine delivers maximum traction and operational reliability with the lowest possible application-related wear.

Undercarriage components

Crawler units and, in particular, their moving parts, are subject to constant stresses during use.

Rubber track pads

In terms of tensile strength, abrasion resistance, elongation at break and tear resistance, genuine VÖGELE track pads achieve significantly higher performance values than imitation track pads.

VÖGELE tracked undercarriages

Order and buy genuine parts for tracked undercarriages from VÖGELE online.

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