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VÖGELE offers road pavers screeds designed especially for the American market that are particularly suitable for inner-city paving or paving at high speeds.

VF extending screeds with front-mounted extensions for frequently varying paving widths:
  • Robust and smooth-running width adjustment system for precise paving at all widths
  • The paving width can be varied in a range from 3.05 m to 7.75 m (10 ft to 19 ft 8 in)
  • Crown profile adjustment and variable pitch extensions for numerous paving profiles; optionally available gutter profile
  • Extension cross-slope up to 10%
  • Innovative electric heating system
  • ErgoPlus operating concept for easy handling
  • Compact design for an outstanding overview of all parts of the machine
  • Ideal tool for paving with varying widths and the construction of major roads
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Main applications

Working at high paving speeds with varying paving widths requires a screed that can always be relied on to deliver precise paving results. The VF 600 from VÖGELE is such a screed.

Several constructional details enable fast and precise retraction of the screed. For instance, blockages are avoided, as the paving mix offers virtually no resistance at the chamfered leading edges of the extensions. The side plates of a screed with front-mounted extensions are only about half as long as those of one with rear-mounted extensions, an advantage that enables particularly precise paving. close to obstacles and involves less manual effort. A broad spectrum of possible pavement profiles makes the screed a particularly versatile tool. Due to these special features, the VF 600 is equally suitable for the paving of motorway intersections and surfacing main roads that require navigation around obstructions. This screed is an outstanding solution when it comes to the paving of car parks with pedestrian islands, lamp posts or manhole covers, residential streets or city streets with gas and water mains.

VR screed
VR extending screed with rear-mounted extensions for paving multi-lane roads:
  • Featuring large-sized and robustly-constructed telescoping tubes for high-precision paving. These guarantee the outstanding stability of the screed and enable the achievement of excellent paving results.
  • The telescoping tubes of the screed are located at a height that prevents any contact with the mix.
  • Even with the screed set to its maximum paving width, the telescoping tubes are extended by no more than half, which precludes undesirable sag.
  • Deep screed plates ensure excellent floating behaviour.
  • Together, the mountings of the telescoping tubes, the guide tube mounts and the torque restraint system constitute a sturdy 3-point suspension system that absorbs the forces exerted on the screed during paving and guarantees smooth variation of the paving width
  • in a range from 3.05 m to 6 m (9 ft 10 in to 19 ft 8 in)
  • Extension cross-slope up to 10%
  • Robustly constructed telescoping system with 3-point suspension
  • Innovative electric heating system
  • ErgoPlus operating concept for easy handling
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Main applications

On construction projects involving wider paving widths, precise adherence to line and level is a decisive factor when the specifications demand the delivery of first-class pavement quality, regardless of the layer thickness. In this respect, the VÖGELE VR 600 screed offers an impressive range of options. The screed has a basic paving width of 3.05 metres that can be hydraulically extended to a width of 6 metres – almost twice the basic width. The screed can further extended with bolt-on extensions to enable a maximum paving width of 8.6 metres. The screed is fitted with vibrators that cover the entire paving width. A quick-fit system enables fast and easy installation of the 0.65 m wide bolt-on extensions. In view of its outstanding overall technical concept, the VR 600 screed is the perfect choice for medium and large-scale road construction projects. When it comes to paving asphalt on multi-lane roads, the new screed also brings substantial advantages over single-lane paving, as it avoids longitudinal joints, the weak points of all asphalt pavements.

Reconditioning of a VÖGELE screed

We professionally overhaul used WIRTGEN GROUP machines and equipment in our service partners’ workshops. For example, our specialists recondition used VÖGELE screeds in numerous small steps. We pay particular attention to assuring highest quality standards at all stages of the process from assessment of the condition and disassembly to the installation of genuine new parts and finishing.

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