VÖGELE screed

VÖGELE screeds comprise the heart of every road paver. The screed compacts the mix evenly across the entire paving width, creating a uniformly sealed surface texture.


Factfile – VÖGELE screeds

Here is where you will find the most important facts about compaction variants, tamper bars, screed plates, heating systems and telescopic guidance systems for extending screeds. You will also find important information about maintenance.

Screed types and components

The paving screed is the heart of every road paver. Find out more about the components and the various screed types here:

Basic screed settings

Setting up the screed correctly before paving prevents unnecessary wear.


VÖGELE offers road paver screeds designed especially for the American market that are particularly suitable for inner-city paving or paving at high speeds.

VÖGELE screeds

Order and buy genuine long-life parts for VÖGELE screeds online now.

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