HT22 Plus HD quick-change toolholder systems



Maximum possible impact load, and in extreme cases also shear load, due to revised toolholder shank geometry and optimised heat treatment.

  • Maximised cost/performance ratio thanks to ideally matched system components. The centring depression pressed into the upper part of the HT22 PLUS HD stabilises the GENERATION Z² round-shank pick in its optimum position and thus promotes rotary motion.
  • Reduced shear stress thanks to ideal application of force in the upper part of the HT22 PLUS HD in conjunction with GENERATION Z² round-shank picks due to better centring and support.
  • Better bottom part protection due to larger wear volume in the shoulder area of the top part of the toolholder ensures longer service life of the individual bottom parts and the entire milling drum.

Larger wear volume in the shoulder section
Optimised shank geometry
High volume of steel in the front part of the toolholder
Long service life of the top part
Recommended uses

Milling and mixing rotors

Maintenance and replacement of toolholders
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