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Due to their tool geometry and construction materials, WCC PLUS cutting tools are perfect for mixing cohesive soils interspersed with large rocks or boulders. They have extremely wear-resistant carbide cutting edges that, due to the exceptional strength of the material, exhibit extremely high fracture toughness and consequently offer outstanding resistant to impacts. Depending on your application, WCC PLUS milling tools might be a practical supplement to your existing programme of round-shank picks with conventional carbide tips.

Extremely high fracture toughness of the carbide cutting edge
Optimised wear volume in the shoulder section
Solid chip-breaking web
Reliable HT22 interface
Carbide protective elements provide increased wear-resistance and fracture toughness
WCC PLUS milling tools and GENERATION Z²

The extremely tough carbide cutting edges of WIRTGEN Compact Carbide PLUS (in short, WCC PLUS) milling tools make them particularly suitable for stabilising cohesive soils interspersed with large pieces of rock. Choosing WCC PLUS tools as an alternative to traditional round-shank picks makes very good sense in such situations.

WCC PLUS performance rating
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When the cutting tools are expected to encounter extreme impact stresses due to massive pieces of rock, the top part of the toolholder system can be replaced to enable the use of the WCC PLUS milling tool. Thanks to its enormous resistance to impacts, this brings considerable advantages when handling large pieces of stone.

Highly cohesive soil interspersed with stones.

Gravelly soil with a high proportion of abrasive stone.

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