KLEEMANN abrasion lining

KLEEMANN Resistance Steel (KRS) is available in three quality grades.

Various versions
Thick-walled KRS plates
Composite wear plates
Easy installation
Recommended use
Wear plates Specification Application
KRS.40 Hardness: up to 430 HV KRS.40 wear plates offer outstanding impact resistance and are particularly suitable for materials with very low abrasiveness, such as limestone, or when recycling building rubble and concrete.
KRS.50 Hardness: up to 530 HV KRS.50 wear plates are recommended for moderately abrasive stone and recycling operations.
KRS.HW Hardness: approx. 740 HV 10, approx. 62 HR
(hardfacing welded)
KRS.HW recommended for high abrasive wear.
The valuable crusher housing is completely lined with particularly wear-resistant plates to protect it against damage. Wear and tear within the housing can vary considerably during the crushing process. KLEEMANN offers a range of special hardfacing welded plates that extend replacement intervals and reduce wear-related costs. These therefore offer a considerably longer service life than the standard plates from KLEEMANN (hardness: 400 HV or 500 HV).
Wear plates for Kleemann crushing plants

The main wear zone per crusher type

Wear plates for hoppers & feeding units

Prescreen wear parts

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