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The Parts Guide is an ideal source of essential information and practical tips

If there’s one thing our Parts Guide offers, it’s facts, facts and more facts. Are you looking for helpful information about genuine spare parts for your WIRTGEN GROUP machine? In our Parts Guide, you will find everything you need to know about our various subassemblies and components. From essential tips and information on the topic of how wear affects parts, to the ecological aspects and cost-efficient utilization of genuine WIRTGEN GROUP spare parts.

Take advantage of the information provided here to get the best out of your machine.

Useful information about WIRTGEN spare parts

WIRTGEN crawler unit parts

WIRTGEN offers two types of track pads with different bolting systems. Whichever type you choose, our track pads offer you one thing above all: reliable traction on a wide variety of surfaces. The Parts Guide gives you a detailed overview of the advantages of our track pad systems.

WIRTGEN cutting tools for cold milling machines

Cutting and milling are key areas in the WIRTGEN technology portfolio. Cutting tools and the corresponding toolholder systems are among the most important components of a cold milling machine. Here’s where you will find everything you need to know about GENERATION round-shank picks, PCD milling tools and the HT22 quick-change toolholder system.

WIRTGEN cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers

The cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilisers are perfectly matched to one another and deliver the best results. Do you want to know which cutting tools are the best choice for your specific application? Here is the place to find all the most important details and information about GENERATION Z round-shank picks, WCC cutting tools and the HT22 quick-change toolholder system.

Learn more about VÖGELE spare parts

VÖGELE screeds

VÖGELE paving screeds comprise the heart of every road paver. In our Parts Guide, you will, for example, find essential information and practical tips about the individual screed types, their specific components and many more interesting and useful facts.

VÖGELE crawler unit parts

The powerful crawler units from VÖGELE are what give their pavers such impressive traction. Here, you will find everything you need to know about crawler unit parts and rubber track pads and how they are affected by wear.

Useful tips about HAMM spare parts

HAMM drum parts

One thing is absolutely decisive for excellent compaction – a drum that’s doing exactly what it was designed to do. We have made a compilation of the most useful information about the individual subassemblies of the HAMM rollers to help you find what you need. Amongst other things, it tells you all you need to know about scrapers, rubber buffers and the sprinkling system.

Useful information about KLEEMANN spare parts

KLEEMANN conveyor belts

KLEEMANN offers various types and versions of conveyor belts for their crushing and screening plants. We provide practical tips and advice on the choice of the right belts for the applications you have in mind.

KLEEMANN blow bars

The blow bars are the most critical components of every KLEEMANN impact crusher. Depending on the application for which the crusher is used, the crushing tools are subject to varying degrees of wear due to a number of different factors. The choice of the right blow bars is therefore decisive for maximising machine utilization rates and minimising operating costs. In our Parts Guide, you will find all the information you need to make sure you choose exactly the right blow bars for your particular application..

Kleemann Screen Media

Screen media face tough challenges in the course of their daily work. This is why genuine KLEEMANN screen media must fulfil particularly stringent quality requirements. We help you to find exactly what you need – the perfect solution for your specific application and the desired end results. Our Parts Guide also provides practical advice and tips for ensuring efficient plant operation and shows the various types of woven screens and their particular benefits.

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Parts Media